Trail Grades

Our trails have been graded according to the trail grade standards set out by NZ Cycle Trails. You can read them here:

We recommend riders are fit and well prepared and we encourage you to know your limits and choose a trail that's suitable for all the riders in your group. Remember your safety is your responsibility.

Stoke Railway Reserve

Ride Length
4.3 km
Riding Time
15-30 minutes
1: Easiest

This flat sealed trail follows the old railway line through Stoke from Annesbrooke to Saxton Road. 

It is popular with family, walkers, runners, commuters and dog walkers so take care during peak times.

The trail starts at the playground next to the Annesbrooke Roundabout which can either be accessed from a pedestrian overbridge from the East, or a pedestrian underbridge from the North.

It finishes just past Saxton Road West and connects to Nelson-Richmond section of Tasman's Great Taste Trail.