Pipeline Track re-opens 7 March 2020

The 'Pipeline' section of the Coppermine Trail from the Maitai Dam to Smiths Ford will be re-open from Saturday 7th March. This section of track has been closed for the past two years due to a significant slip which blocked the Coppermine Trail and forced riders to detour along Maitai Valley Road. Thank you for your patience while engineers and contractors have worked to repair the slip.
Public safety and protection of the water pipeline are the priorities for Nelson City Council. This is a complex and active slip which poses a risk of rock fall and landslide debris following moderate to high rainfall. As a result, the slip is being closely monitored and the 'Pipeline' section of the Trail will be closed in the event of significant rainfall or an earthquake until the site has been inspected and deemed safe. We ask that you respect signs along the trail for your own safety.
The repair of the pipeline slip and recent upgrades to the Coppermine Trail downhill were funded 50% by NCC and 50% by central government (MBIE), please go to the feedback section to complete a survey for the Coppermine Trail which will help secure further government funding for future trail improvements. Each person who fills in a survey and enters the Coppermine Epic Event on the 28th March will go in the draw to win their entry fee back!