New bridge construction - south Maitai

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Maitai Dam to Brook Street

Ride Length
13 km
Riding Time
1-1.5 hours
3: Intermediate


The final section of the Coppermine Trail parallels Nelson’s water pipeline on a cruisy, bush-lined trail on a bench above the river. After around 4 km, at Smiths Ford, the trail joins the quiet Maitai Valley Rd.

Tired riders can simply follow the road back to Nelson, while those with gas left in the tank can follow the Maitai River Walkway. To access the walkway, use the ‘pipeline bridge’ which is 2.5 km downstream from Smiths Ford on your left, just before the Maitai Valley Motor Camp.

Alternatively, ‘Te Ara Kopiko’ trail will take you from the Maitai River Walkway back up to Tantragee Saddle*. From Tantragee Saddle you can follow the Coppermine Trail back down to Brook Street or choose from a number of purpose-built tracks in the Codgers MTB Park.

*This is private land owned by Ngāti Koata and an access permit will cost $20 for a two-week pass (purchased from bike shops in Nelson) or you get a year permit with Nelson Mountain Bike Club membership (