Trail Notices

Tasman View Road

Tasman View Rd rest area towards Harley Rd has some very rough rocky and potholed sections on the road that you should avoid. Please use off-road sections on the right side (as you look downhill from the rest area) - also ride slowly, walk if necessary, and take care.  

Katiteriteri MTB Park Easy Rider Trail Update 17/18 April

On Saturday April 17th the 6 hour relay uses the Easy Rider near the Kaiteriteri end from 10am to 4pm. The section from Cruise Control turn off down to Martin Farm Road will be CLOSED. There will be traffic control on Martin Farm Road - and marshals on the track. Suggest riders enter/exit Easy Rider at the pump station at the top of the hill going down into Kaiteriteri. On Sunday 18th is the Enduro; while no racing on Easy Rider, riders will be moving from the South Cog to the first track turn off between 10am and 10.45am. Please take care and follow advice of signs and marshals.