Trail Grades

Our trails have been graded according to the trail grade standards set out by NZ Cycle Trails. You can read them here:

We recommend riders are fit and well prepared and we encourage you to know your limits and choose a trail that's suitable for all the riders in your group. Remember your safety is your responsibility.

New bridge construction - south Maitai

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Coppermine Saddle to Maitai Dam

Ride Length
9.6 km
Riding Time
20-60 minutes
4: Advanced

From Coppermine Saddle the trail descends on a flowing and windy, purpose-built mountain bike track. After zig-zagging through a small patch of trees, the trail hugs the side of Dun Mountain offering views north to Delaware Bay.

The trail descends through the red-brown rocks of ‘Boulder Valley’ before delivering you back into the forest around the south branch of the Maitai River. Once in the trees, the trail follows a flowing section of benched single-track beside the river before reaching the Maitai Dam – Nelson’s water supply.