Maitai Walkway

Ride Length
7 km
Riding Time
30-60 minutes
3: Intermediate

This picturesque trail follows the left bank of the Maitai River from the centre of Nelson up the Maitai Valley towards the Coppermine Trail and Mangatapu Track.

The trail starts off paved, wide and suitable for all levels of riders. Past Nile Street the turns to gravel and narrows at points. Beginner riders or road cyclists can turn left at Nile Street to ride up the Maitai Valley Road.

Maitai Valley is a popular recreational area featuring picnic spots, swimming holes, playing fields, dog exercise areas, a golf course, and camping ground. Please respect other trail users and control your speed.

Cyclists riding the Coppermine Trail or Mangatapu Track can use the Maitai Walkway to ride to the Nelson CBD.