Bush poetry in the Baton Valley

The most remote section of the Great Taste Trail is described as ‘Back and Beyond’.

It’s a self-explanatory title. The area really is back and beyond the bustle of life for most people. Nestled at the foot of Kahurangi National Park this area is defined by big skies, big mountains, trout-filled rivers, gravel roads, and no cafes for miles.

But there’s more to the story of the section we call Back and Beyond. It was inspired by the ‘bush poetry’ of Baton Valley stalwart, Richard Lublow.

When you ride over the Baton River swing bridge (Lublow’s Leap), you’re entering or leaving the private farmland of Richard and Fiona Lublow and their farm stay, Baton Run.

If you stay overnight at Baton Run, you can request a private poetry performance. Something you wouldn’t normally expect in these parts, entertainment unmatched by anything you’ll find in the city!

Here’s a taste of bush poetry …The Art Of Bullshit

It seems to me and I’m pretty sure I’m right
Societal wealth is all transferred by bullshit
There’s a plumber he’s unplugging a drain
There’s an artist he’s bending a piece of wood
There’s a builder he’s building a house
There’s another fella selling the house, that the builder’s building
There’s another fella selling the money to the fella that’s buying the house
That’s giving that money to the fella that’s selling the house
That the builders building

And as for the builder I’m afraid that’s a cloud on sunshine
For societal wealth is all transferred by bull shit.

If you want to get rich and powerful and I guess you do
Don’t try and be use full
For that will just rub the skin off your fingers
Knock the hide of your hands, bang your head on a rock
And get you no where
What you need is some bull shit
Come and see me
I’ve got bullshit for free
I can get you anything you like
I can even get you into heaven if that’s what you want
Cause I’m full of bullshit

- Copyright Richard Lublow, produced here with permission.

If you’re not planning to stay overnight in the Baton Valley, you can get a taste of Richard’s droll bush poetry on his You Tube channel Poetry, Back and Beyond.