Crisp and juicy apples of Tasman

As you ride between Appleby, Māpua, Motueka, and Kaiteriteri Beach, you will notice the orchards stretching out over the rolling hills and plains.

Many well-known apple varieties can be found in the region. From the all-time classics like Granny Smith, Cox Orange, and Royal Gala through to the fancy-sounding new ones such as Sassy, Smitten, and Dazzle.

Apples have been part of this landscape for generations, with farmers innovating constantly in the quest for the perfect apple.

The reason Tasman can produce such good apples is because of the growing conditions here. It has the high sunshine hours critical to fruit flavour, cool, crisp winters, enough rainfall, and rich soils.

The World Apple Review 2018 revealed New Zealand has the highest apple production in the world at 61 tonnes per hectare. An indicator that apples thrive here.

Most of New Zealand’s pip fruit, which includes both apples and pears, is exported (65%). Another 13% is sold fresh, and the rest is processed.

Pip fruit used for processing goes to make juices, juice concentrates, apple puree, ciders, cider vinegar, dried fruit, and fruit bars.

Local products made from Tasman’s apples include Annie’s fruit bars, Chia Sisters juice, Tutū Cider, Peckham's Cider, Goultier’s cider vinegar, JuiciesTM ice blocks, Bottled By The Sun juice, and many more.

You can find, and taste, many of these local products in the cafes, bars, supermarkets, and outdoor markets around the region. If you’re not sure what to buy, just ask for the one that was made locally.