Coppermine Saddle to Maitai Dam

The 10km section descending from the Coppermine Saddle is a challenging and advanced technical descent on loose rocky terrain more suitable for a full suspension bike.  Sections of this part of the track are narrow with deep drainage ditches on either side and care should be taken to moderate speed.  Due to the nature of the larger rocks and rough creek crossings, punctures are common and it is suggested that you increase your rear tyre pressure and carry suitable spares. Maintenance/upgrade work is being planned for this section of the trail.

3/4 of the way down you'll cross the Maitai River on a well made wooden bridge. From this point on the trail gets easier and more undulating. At around 9km the trail carries straight on, whilst another trail branches right and fords the river. Make sure you go straight on at this point, following the signs.

When you reach the Dam you keep going straight ahead (don't take the right hand hairpin down to the road unless you want to stop and have a look at the dam).